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Wats up pplz - Twstd Angel [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wats up pplz [Feb. 21st, 2005|07:24 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |S.O.S.]

So whats up world. Nothing really goin on here... just chillin.. Chris has been takin me out to dinner a lot here latley cuz we've come across so money.. its been nice... Money isn't a big thing to me as any one that knows me knows that but tv dinners get old as well... We both went for interviews at Kohls the other day.. he got the job I didn't but thats ok too cuz 2 jobs and school would be too much stress prob. I did orentation at Riverside today... 8 hours of boring ppl and powerpoints! and I get another 4 hours of it in the morning and then I get to go do my taxes... More Money for me!! YAY! So I got my schedule for work as well today when my boss took me to lunch.. I have ort. tomorrow and then I have work Wed 3-11 I have thurs off then I work friday sat sun mon and tues 3-11... I get paid March 11 though yay! I'm so happy... I can give sterling his money and he can finally leave me the fuck alone... Mikey keeps callin me.. and then when I call him he acts like hes not him so wtf ever all I want is my damn money from him.. thats it... I don't wanna chill with him I don't wanna be his friend.. I don't wanna screw I just want my money and for him to finally leave me alone as well... But yeah back to this whole job thing.. I'm really excited.. lol.. I feel like a lil kid again lol... and I get discounts at places too.. thats hot... OMG I'm soooo happy I'll finally have money.. I can get a car and my bills paid off and OMG it'll be sooo great... get my own place... finally be happy.. I mean back to the whole money doesn't make me happy but being poor and in debt doesn't either... Ido'nt wanna be rich or ne thing I just wanna be able to pay the bills.. but yeah I guess I'll go I dont have anything tooo interesting to say so peace out yall!